Each access makes with their identification keys is done through our Secure Server Technology. Our server meets all the requirements for an electronic transaction (check their personal accounts, etc..,) over the Internet is considered as safe.

- The theft and identity fraud (eg phishing) means that third parties posing as employees or simulate the identity of an entity by using fraudulent e-mail to get your personal password. Be wary of calls or emails informing awards etc.. Consider the following tips:

· In BESTINVER never asked, either by telephone or by e-mail, your password.

· Never agree to BESTINVER through a link in an e-mail or web page that is not absolutely reliable. Instead, you type the address into your browser.

Privacy: Please note that your username and password are personal data strictly confidential, only to be used for access to internet and telephone services BESTINVER own. The transfer of confidential data to third parties is the responsibility of the owner.

- If in doubt about the authenticity of any message you receive on behalf of BESTINVER, please contact us at our Email Address, or phone 91 595 91 00.

- The server has been certified by BESTINVER ensuring that communications are encrypted. VERISIGN is an external entity's top ranking, a pioneer in Europe as a Certification Authority.

Remember BESTINVER never emailed any request for personal information report or its keys.